"Great things in business are never done by one person,  they’re done by a team of people.”  - Steve Jobs 

Why a Client Support Team?

Buying and selling homes has become more complex in recent years. An agent who does it all himself is limited in what he can offer his clients. I've made it my business to seek out and surround myself with solid professionals in the field. This is my team, each with integrity in their area of expertise.

At Your Service

During the process of buying or selling your home, there are a number of service providers you may need or want to use. Below are the most common services you're likely to need. I've worked with a multitude of people in the following categories. Those whose names appear below are, in my experience, the best in their fields.  These are people or companies you are likely to deal with directly.

  • Home Inspectors: Most buyers today will request to have a property they're considering purchasing to be professionally inspected in order to ensure that any current or potential problems can be addressed prior to closing on their new home. I've worked with numerous inspectors over the years, and these are three that I find thorough, professional and trustworthy:
    • Senel Property Inspections - Joseph Pedregon, Residential Inspector - Reach Joseph at (800) 339-6988 
    • Quality Home Inspections - Tony Abate, Owner & Inspector - Reach Tony at (951) 992-2696
    • Team Champion Exterminators & Property Inspections - Company Website or (562) 699- 0900
  • Westguard Termite Control - Ivan Ocampo, Owner & Inspector - Ivan's Website  - Here in Southern California, termites plague the housing industry. Termite inspections are very often performed at the time of a home sale, and some loan packages require them. Westguard Termite offers environmentally safe solutions for termite control. This company's standards are never compromised.
  • Mortgage Bankers & Direct Lenders: Different than a  mortgage broker who  researches loan packages and acts as a go-between between the customer and lender, a Mortgage Banker underwrites, funds a loan and services & collects the payments on that loan. With an extensive package of loan types, in-house underwriting departments, and efficient and professional processing, these lenders are among the best in the business. In my experience, each of these companies ensure the highest quality care for every client.
    • Momentum Mortgage- Ernesto Garcia, Owner/Direct Lender - Ernesto's Website - NMLS #482964   -  Ernesto's approach is very personal and one of service first. His approach puts the client in the driver’s seat of their own transaction.  He and his team do all of the homework up front and present all options available. This allows the client to make some of the most important decisions of their lives with confidence. Clients love his personal touch and care.
    • New American Funding - Ryan Shultz, Branch Manager/Direct Lender - Ryan's Website  -  NMLS# 255668 - Ryan and his team understand that every person's situation is unique. Coupling this with their culture of putting people first, results in clients being guided and advised  of the best means of getting into a new home. 
    • Home Funding Corp. - Carl Aastrom,  Branch Manager/Mortgage Banker & Lender - Carl's Website  -  NMLS# 358183  - Carl is experienced, knowledgeable, and always up to date on the industry's latest products. Extremely responsive to the consumer, he and his team provide expert service and advice.  Every client is a top priority to Carl and his team and are served with swiftness and care. He stays with his clients every step of the way to ensure a successful transaction.
  • Credit Repair: Palouse Credit Counseling - Grant Presol, Owner - Company Website -  Often times there’s a need in your life that corresponds with credit repair — purchasing a new home, buying a new car, refinancing to a lower rate, etc. There’s something you need and there’s urgent timing involved. This company will work with you, expeditiously, to help you get prepared for the new steps you're taking in your life. 
  • Reverse Mortgage: Reverse Mortgage Educators - Robert Ross & Ryan Kleis, Co-founders -Company Website  are my preferred professionals in this field. The New Reverse Mortgage allows homeowners over the age of 62 to safely tap into their home equity and not pay it back until the home is sold. The equity monies that the borrowers will receive will come to them tax-free to use at their discretion, and can even be used in the purchase of a new home.  This option opens up many living scenarios for those seniors needing to make changes to their living situations.  
  • First American Home Warranty - Sandi Franco, Area Manager - Follow Sandi on Twitter  - A home warranty is a service contract that will help safeguard against the cost of covered repairs or replacements to the major components of home systems and appliances. Many homesellers provide a one-year warranty upon request. Sandi has many years experience in providing the right warranty for your situation.
  • Appraisers-Estate Liquidation & Sales - David Baiz, Co-owner/Operator - David's Website  - An Estate Sale is a way of liquidating the belongings of a family or estate. These are handled more professionally than garage or yardsales. They are used when someone is in need of a way to sell items due to downsizing, moving, divorce, bankruptcy, or death. Because David & his team are also appraisers, they can net you much more money than most other estate sale companies. 
  • Hillcrest Retirement Community - Sandee Hayden, Community Relations Manager - Company Website - Hillcrest is a truly unique senior community on over 50 acres in La Verne CA. Providing all levels of activities and required care services, it is suitable for the healthiest and most active to those seniors needing more in-depth healthcare.
  • Senior Guidance.org - This is a fantastic resource for seniors. On the Company Website  you can find information on senior housing, assisted living, and numerous articles on senior living. I recommend this excellent site if you are a senior, a caregiver, or an advisor. 
  • Clean Escape Cleaning Services - Krysten Weihe, Owner & Manager - Krysten's Website  - When a home goes on the market, the staging and cleanliness are crucial. A professional cleaning service is especially helpful in cases where the home hasn't been maintained well for whatever reason. Krysten and her team are true experts in their field. 
  • Pool Service & Maintenance Professionals - Alex Kotoff, Owner - Alex's Website  - This company does not do pool maintanence, but specializes in the sales and service of equipment for built-in pools and both built-in or above ground spas for residential and commercial properties. They repair all makes and models of the innerworkings of your pool, as well as complete pool replaster and remodelingThis is often important when you are preparing to sell a pool home. 
  • HVAC Professionals - American Angel - Noel Mercado, Owner & Licensed Service Professional - Reach Noel at (626) 201-2661. Noel has done work for me on my own home. Honest, ethical and quality work.
  • Handyman - Honest, ethical and quality work. 
    • Golden Hand Handyman - Website -  (909) 236-4163
    • Ashby Maintenance - Website - (626)364-1524
  • Chimney & Fireplace  - Excellent work and great prices. Website 
  • Environmental Hazards - In purchasing a property there are times an inspection will discover what are considered to be environmental hazards. If this occurs, it's always best to get a specialist to verify the presence of the hazard and educate the homeowner about the best methods of treatment or removal. One possible hazard is the presence of asbestos. If you've been informed of asbestos in your home, or suspect there may be, asbestos.com  has great resources on their website includng a free guide.  An extremely helpful site for those dealing with asbestos exposure and associated health issues is mesothelioma.net


Behind the Scenes Professionals

These are the people necessary to make sure that a real estate transaction runs smoothly from start to finish. They may be mostly "invisible" to you, but they are the professionals I interact with on your behalf - my personal team of Expert Advisors. They are crucial to the process from a professional and legal standpoint.

  • Annie ChenOwner/Broker, United Real Estate LA - DRE# 00969419 
  • Janet LeeChief Operating Officer, United Real Estate LA - DRE# 01966158
  • Chris DelaplaneCompliance Manager & Legal Counsel, United Real Estate LA 
  • Millie Harris - Transaction Coordinator, United Real Estate LA
  • Victoria Partidge - Certified Escrow Officer, Arcadia Escrow
  • Rafik Tadros - Vice President, WFG National Title
  • Jason Hellawell - Executive Sales Associate, Property ID Natural Hazard & Environmental Hazard Researchers




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